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Train speed remains at 0 at beginning of a route
« am: 19. Mai 2021, 15:19:49 »

First time in the forum, so if any information is missing in my message, feel free to tell me, I will complete that.

I have a problem which occurs several times into my layout.

During a tour, when a train is waiting for the next route to be available (between two stations for example), as soon as the route is available, the software launch the route as expected. However, sometime the train does not start. Its speed remains at 0km/h.

If I set manually a speed (for example 80km/h, or any other) the train start and I have a warning message saying the section contact will be ignored. All the speed commands into the route are now ignored (deleted from the event explorer), and the train does not stop as expected at the end of the route.
If the route does not require the train to stop, it will start the next one, which is not really problematic, otherwise if a stop is required, the train continues without any control.

I chose to disable profile for the moment, so my trains are running in standard mode.

Do you have any idea of what can cause this issue?
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Re: Train speed remains at 0 at beginning of a route
« Antwort #1 am: 23. Mai 2021, 22:02:19 »

Hello ?????? ,

It is very unclear , but attaching your WDP file won't hurt.
For clarity do a description , what train at what location and Route to be executed .

Ce n'est pas très clair, mais joindre votre fichier WDP ne fera pas de mal.
Pour plus de clarté, décrivez quel train à quel endroit et quel itinéraire doit être exécuté.

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