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Horizontal scrolling limitation
« am: 06. August 2022, 22:45:39 »
I am just learning more about the 2021 version of Win Digipet and have come across what I would describe as a limitation in the Automatic Tours Editor module.

When working in the Follow-Up tours tab, I noticed that there are more columns available but collapsed. If one were to expand the columns, then there is no way to scroll left or right to see all data since no horizontal scroll bar becomes visible.

This makes it impossible to see any further details in the window without closing the module and re-opening it again. The only catch is that the sizing of columns is remembered and it can be possible to no longer see all required columns which are described in the manual for the Follow-Up tours tab.

Would it be possible to enable the horizontal tab for this section of the program in a patch or later release of the Win Digipet program?


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