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English Manual for Windigipet 2021
« am: 10. März 2022, 17:25:01 »

When is the plan to release a no German version of the 2021 manual? Windigipet is not only used in Germany and not everybody understands fluent German. Minimum an English translation is a must.

Thanks in advance

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Re: English Manual for Windigipet 2021
« Antwort #1 am: 11. März 2022, 09:13:28 »

the manual is being translated. There are more then 1000 page to be translated. It's ready when it's ready.
Viele Grüße,
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Re: English Manual for Windigipet 2021
« Antwort #2 am: 26. Oktober 2022, 17:08:05 »
This really big problem of no english version has been encountered for years. I tried to explain to Marcus many years ago that native english speakers just need the native word/text file to run it through a translator software program and we will get a 95% result we can all be happy with that could be edited by english native speakers in very little time.....instead of paying for the software and then waiting years for a manual translation that will only be 98% correct with ALL the meaning lost in the last 2%.
Alternatively the english speaking world is at a minimum 7 times larger than the German speaking world so there is a much bigger priority for Windipet 2021 to have english than even German. Sorry but I am frustrated about this situation. The software is great.....
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Re: English Manual for Windigipet 2021
« Antwort #3 am: 28. Oktober 2022, 03:10:19 »
As noted earlier, it’s ready when it’s ready.

There has been many changes in the structure of the manual and some of the terminologies of the program to take in account the operation of vehicles on roads in addition to the rails.

Keyword and image indexes are also new additions to the manual. This is quite a task to complete by anyone who is volunteering their time.

Translating by use of an online translation tool does not give a result that is suitable for selling with a professional product.

The wait will be well worth it.

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Re: English Manual for Windigipet 2021
« Antwort #4 am: 28. Oktober 2022, 17:58:19 »
hallo bobboone, In the meantime you might consider using the 2018 English manual which for a newcommer is packed with a lot of relevant information, give it a try!!! Best Regards - Dave CONNER.
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Re: English Manual for Windigipet 2021
« Antwort #5 am: 01. November 2022, 10:33:31 »
Hi all,

just a quick reply.
It is correct, that the quantity of english speaking people in the world is much higher than the geman ones.

All people engaged in the programming, manual creation, inner circle etc. did have in english in school, but are still german native speakers. And I think 99% of the users are also german native speakers. And because of this we will never start a discussion about changing the programs main language to anything else than german.
I did the translation of the manual many times in the past myself, but it came to a point where I was so involved in the development of the programme myself that I simply couldn't afford it any more in terms of time.
And for version 2021, the whole thing has become even worse, as burdens outside of our engagements to Win-Digipet have increased so much due to the Corona pandemic effects in our real jobs that we haven't even managed to release the German version on time. We were really happy to have only managed it with a delay of a little more than half a year.


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