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Nieuwe centrale van Tams en LS digital
« am: 05. Dezember 2020, 22:38:28 »
Hallo forum leden.
Tams en LS Digital hebben hun gezamenlijke nieuwe centrale gepresenteerd. :)
Zeker de moeite waar om te lezen de Making off van deze nieuwe centrale,  100% made in Germany.

Groetjes R van Swol

Digital formats
Motorola-I and -II
DCC (according to NMRA and RCN standards)
m3 (to control mfx decoders, no feedback)
Vehicle decoder addresses:

Motorola: 255 (1 - 255)
DCC: 10,239 (1 - 10239)
m3: 16.384
Speed steps:

Motorola: 14 or 27 (a or b)
DCC: 14, 28 or 128
m3: 128

Motorola: function, f1 to f4
DCC: f0 to f31 or f32.768
m3: f0, f1 to f14
Accessory decoder addresses:

Motorola: 1,020 (1 - 1,020)
DCC: 2,040 (1 - 2,040)
m3: ---

Feedback Formats
integrated global RailCom detector
RailCom-Cutout can be switched off for the integrated booster

enables the automatic registration of DCC vehicle decoders with the control centre
The extension of the DCC format is currently (as of November 2020) available as a draft standard of the RailCommunity and is expected to be adopted in 2021.
Power supply
Switching power supply with 24 Volt / 6.67 A / 160 W (included in delivery)
to supply the central unit and the tracks in the booster section of the integrated booster
For connecting external control units:

Märklin CAN bus (Mini-Din 10-pin)
LocoNet (RJ 12)
EasyNet (RJ 45)
XpressNet (RJ 12)
rec / "Sniffer" (2-pole)
Computer interface:

LAN (RJ 45)
Other interfaces:

Power supply
Main track and DCC programming track
external booster (either Märklin-compatible or DCC-compliant)
BiDiB (RJ 45)
s88 feedback modules (RJ 45 according to standard s88-N). Maximum number of s88 modules: 64 s88 or s88-compatible modules (1,024 contacts)

Dimensions and weight of the control unit (without power supply)
Dimensions: 170 x 150 x 82 mm
weight: 830 g
Integrated booster
output current:

max. 6,5 A
Short circuit sensitivity:

1 - 6,5 A
adjustable in steps of 0.5 A
output voltage:

8 to 22 V digital voltage (regulated)
adjustable in steps of 1 V

Output signal: balanced

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