Autor Thema: Windigipet 2018 feedbacks completely disappeared from layout  (Gelesen 125 mal)

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Hi, I am dealing with windigipet 2018.0b premium edition.
I just opened the layout and all feedbacks disappeared. I checked the Intellibox II connections and everything looks quite normal. I can see the train numbers on the layout where in the box they only have a red little line at the front of each number. In addition I move the trains from one part of the layout to another part and there is no sign of feedback (red), what is going on ? Never had this problem in the past and I am using windigipet for quite a while since 2005. Thank you for any help which can solve the problem.

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Re: Windigipet 2018 feedbacks completely disappeared from layout
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Hi Filiberto,

did you try a new initialization of the connection in WDP? How tod i this? Klick on the red (or green) button with the number of your central unit (see green circle and yellow markup on the attached screenshot)

If the version information 2018.0b in your signation is correct please update your WDP-version to 2018.2c (free of charge) and try once again!
Best regards from Austria, Michael

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